Tom Nemec

Tom Nemec has been a working comedian and actor for over 20 years. In the world of stand-up, he has worked venues all over the east coast. Tom now resides in New York City and does not plan on moving anytime soon.
 Over the years, Tom has shared the stage with various great comics. Dom Irerra, Michale Winslow, Jim Norton, and Colin Quinn, just to name a few. Tom has a personable, somewhat autobiographical style of comedy. Growing up in a crazy dysfunctional family gives him a lot of ammo for his comedy arsenal. Tom appeared as "construction worker Dave" in the "Bob The Builder promo." Tom can be seen as the Fire Chief in the movie "Green Point Tavern." He has appeared in a few different web series. "Bruber"  and PN & Friends.  He has also created his own children's book. "Owenopolis." (2007) A day in the life of a little boy from Brooklyn, Currently, he is working on a solo show called "A Cat in A Box." It is a little bit more of the serious side of growing up in his dysfunctional family.


Laugh Out Loud For House Of Hope 8:00 PM | Doors: 7:00 PM
Age Limit: 18+
Tickets $25.00 - $50.00